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There are many conditions for obtaining a residence permit in England. Thus, it is possible to obtain a residence permit, if the applicant is:

  • A spouse or a permanent partner of the UK or the EU citizen;
  • A person who lived in Britain for at least 5 years and complied with all requirements of the immigration categories.
  • A person legally residing in the UK for 10 years.


Read more about the terms of obtaining a residence permit further in the article.

Obtainment of a residence permit in England depends on many factors, including the immigration category, the possibility of adding up the time (spent under different categories in relation with the terms of filing for ILR), as well as the need for passing the Life in the UK test.

The Life in the UK test need to take all the applicants, except for:

  • Well-off pensioners;
  • Victims of domestic violence (spouses / partners of citizens and permanent residents of Britain);
  • Widowed partners or spouses of citizens and permanent residents of the UK;
  • Elderly dependent family members;
  • Citizens of the EEA and members of their families.


To obtain a residence permit it is required to legally reside in the UK for 5 years. This period is relevant for:

  • Holders of Tier 1 (General, Entrepreneur, Investor) and Tier 2;
  • Persons engaged in investor activity;
  • Businessmen;
  • Investors;
  • Writers;
  • Composers;
  • Artists;
  • Britons by origin;
  • Representatives of foreign media;
  • Representatives of foreign companies;
  • Domestic workers;
  • Private employees in the houses of diplomats;
  • Ministers of the Church;
  • Personnel involved in ground handling of foreign airlines;
  • Well-off pensioners;
  • Hired employees of foreign government organizations;
  • Refugees;
  • Persons under humanitarian protection;
  • Spouses or partners of citizens UK;
  • Citizens of the EEA and members of their families.


The compulsory period of residence in the country to obtain a residence permit in the United Kingdom is not specified for:

  • Widowed partners or spouses of citizens of the UK;
  • Elderly dependent family members;
  • Victims of domestic violence.


Immigrants residing in the country legally for at least 10 years can also getpermanent residence in England.

Applicants of all categories require a set of points in accordance with Appendix A of the immigration rules.

It is worth noting that the rules for getting a permanent residence in the UKhave become more demanding today for people with the status of refugees and persons under humanitarian protection if the applicant has been convicted of criminal activity.

It is not possible to get a permission to reside in the UK for those sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 12 months or more for a period of 15 years after the court verdict. In case of a shorter period of detention, the British legislation provides for restrictions of shorter duration on the obtainment of ILR.