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Рабочие визы

United Kingdom is a country with a highly developed infrastructure, which occupies a leading position in the development among the countries of Europe, as well as a progressive labor market. Those, who have obtained a UK Work Visa, will be able to appreciate all the advantages of the British labor law. Many people dream of getting the Visa, but there are few who realize their dream. 

Those, who have managed to become the owner of such a Visa, can be treated in British hospitals, get loans, or open or buy their own companies in the UK.

Five years of residence in the UK with a Work Visa are enough to obtain a residence permit. The six-year stay in the country gives you the right to file an application for citizenship, which opens up even greater possibilities.

For those who wish to be employed in the UK, there are the following categories of Work Visas.

  • TIER 2 – a UK Work Visa for skilled workers (requires an invitation from the English employer).
  • TIER 1 Exceptional Talent – a special visa for people recognized at the international level in the field of art or science.
  • TIER 5 – a visa for those who wish to work temporarily in England.
  • TIER 5 Youth Mobility Scheme – a Work Visa, which applies only to citizens of certain countries as well as countries belonging to the former British colonies.
  • Permitted Paid Engagement Visa – a visa for short-term work.
  • A UK Work Visa for domestic staff, who move to England together with their employers.


Since 2011, the TIER 1 General for skilled professionals category of Work Visas was discontinued. However, there is the possibility of extending and obtaining visas for persons who had previously worked according to this system.

Holders of certain categories of Student Visas have the right to work in England part-time.

In order to become the owner of a visa of one of the above categories, you must meet a number of requirements (higher education and work experience, knowledge of English at an Advanced level).

Collecting the documentation in order to get a job in England for the Europeansis quite a time-consuming and complicated process. Therefore, qualified immigration attorneys, who have considerable experience in obtaining visas, can be of a great help.

If you have decided to immigrate to England, you comply with the laws of the country and meet the requirements of one of the categories, then the experts on immigration will help you understand all the intricacies of the legislation as well as exercise the right to stay in England.