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Бухгалтерские услуги

Living and working in the United Kingdom requires passing certain accounting procedures. As the legislation in this country is different to that of Europe, it is difficult to draw up the necessary documents and to go through all the procedures. In this situation, experts of the company Work in UK can help you.

Our company provides the following accounting services:

  • registration of limited liability companies as well as sole proprietors;
  • drawing up of financial statements, tax returns, creation of payroll projects and their implementation, preparation of the annual report for companies with limited liability;
  • the management report;
  • preparation of documents for tax return;
  • tax planning for individuals, as well as for limited liability companies;
  • representation of a client in the UK tax inspections, and resolving issues related to the regular payment of taxes;
  • registration of businesses of various statuses (LLC, partnership or sole proprietorship), as well as providing service throughout the functioning of the company;
  • calculation of VAT, its registration and, if necessary, a return;
  • calculation and distribution of wages to the employees of the company, as well as registration of the employees for payment of taxes for them;
  • consultation on the complex issues of accounting and taxation.


It is difficult to deal with all the paperwork to get your salary and to pay all taxes to the state for the person who came to work abroad for the first time. Also they need to know about all the benefits, which they are entitled to. That is why those who come to work in Britain need help with registration of necessary documents.

Arriving abroad, the employees must perform the following steps:

  • open a bank account in the remote access;
  • bind the account to the PayPal payment system;
  • fill out the applications for benefits, including one for the birth of a child;
  • apply for payment of taxes (for house, for work);
  • register a national insurance;
  • apply the public service to obtain accommodation.


Since it is not always easy to do all of the abovementioned tasks, while not knowing all the laws of the UK exactly, it is best to seek help from the experts of our company.