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Often in the immigration practice there arises a situation where a person who wishes to obtain an entry or work visa, and provides all the necessary documents, is issued a refusal of a visa by the visa office of the Embassy.

Reasons for a visa refusal

Such a refusal represents a stamp in the passport, which contains all the information on the submitted documents, the type of visa and the reason for refusal.

The most common cause of a visa refusal is mistakes in the filling out and submission of the documents. The experts of the company «Work in UK» will help you avoid a visa refusal, as well appeal a refusal, fill out the required documents in a legally correct way and submit them.

Experienced lawyers represent and defend your interests in the filling out and processing of the documents, as well as consult you on how to file an appeal. Experts will represent your interests in courts of different levels. Moreover, immigration attorneys of the company provide you with visa support and assistance in obtaining a work visa.

The activities of the legal department of the company are carried out according to the license of the 3rd (highest) level, which enables the company’s attorneys to represent and defend the interests of their clients at all stages of the filling out of the documents, including at the stage of the submission and consideration of the appeal. For more information and advice on the services of the company, call the phone numbers listed on the page “Contacts”.

The consequences of a visa refusal

A visa refusal can be with recognition of a full or limited right to appeal. Regardless of the type of refusal you should clearly and concisely substantiate the facts and grounds for the appeal, when filing it.

Depending on the type of the decision, the attorneys of our company will fill out all the necessary documents. Thus, the grounds for appealing against the decision with the recognition of a limited right to appeal are violations of the human rights under the Act, as set out in the European Convention. In addition, in this case the grounds of filing an appeal can be racial discrimination and seeking the political asylum.

The submitted appeal documents are considered by a visa officer, and then it is decided on whether to comply with the request or to refuse the appeal.