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Let’s see which categories of foreign citizens may be eligible for citizenship of the UK.

  1. Persons over 18


Citizens who meet this requirement must apply for naturalization, that is, obtainment of the rights enshrined for all British citizens. What should persons under 18 do?

Children born in the country can count on getting automatic citizenship of the UK.

  1. Conscious behavior


Common sense and the ability to take responsibility for every act are mandatory requirements, without which it is impossible to successfully complete the naturalization process.

  1. Consent to reside in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland


Having received a second citizenship, even in the event of prolonged absence, you need to maintain a continuous connection with the UK.

  1. High level of knowledge of the English language and the traditions of the UK


Verification of compliance with these requirements is carried out according to the CEFR scheme, adopted throughout Europe. In order to successfully solve the problem of how to acquire the citizenship, you are required to pass the tests approved by the Home Office or have ESOL 1-6 skill levels (depending on the country in which you are tested in).

Fulfillment of these conditions is not necessary only for persons 65 years of age and older, as well as for applicants suffering from a number of mental illnesses or abnormalities in the normal level of physical development.

  1. High morals


Citizenship of the UK is granted only to respectable applicants, who have not committed serious offenses nor have a criminal record. Checking is carried out in accordance with the basic provisions of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act, adopted back in 1974.

  1. The actual residence


Citizens of other countries residing in the United Kingdom for at least 5 years can successfully solve the problem of getting the citizenship of UK. Thus, they should not leave the country for a period exceeding 450 days (270 – for spouses of the citizens of the UK) after the filing of the application for naturalization. They may leave England for a maximum of 90 days a year prior to applying for citizenship.

Only under these conditions can you successfully solve the problem of getting the citizenship of the UK!

  1. Provision of 2 recommendations at least


These documents can be written by professionals in the areas specified by the legislation, British citizens who are familiar with the applicants for 3 years and longer. The guarantor can be a person of 25 years and older.

If you want to get a passport of the United Kingdom, provide references from people without criminal records, who are not your relatives or legal representatives.

Why do you need the help of professionals?

In addition to compliance with all the abovementioned requirements, the applicant must fill out an application properly and collect all the necessary documents. Otherwise, they cannot get a British passport. The experts of our company are ready to assist you in carrying out these tasks. Call us, we know how to help you!