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Everyone who lives in the UK and has a permanent residence may bring their close relatives – children or elderly parents – to the country. At the same time they will have the opportunity to obtain a residence permit and the right of permanent residence in the UK.

This law also applies to those who currently have a refugee status. According to the law, they can invite their dependent persons to the country, whose entire stay in the country they plan to fund. These dependent individuals may be unmarried children under the age of majority.

It should also be noted that those who come to England on the invitation, may stay in the country for as long as their inviter is entitled to. Then, if the inviter extends their period of residence, the invited persons may extend theirs in accordance with the status of the former.

Requirements for the relatives, who apply for visas

There are the following rules for obtaining visas for relatives who are planning to apply for a UK visa:

  • A relative requires constant medical care, which they cannot obtain in their own country, or they do not have sufficient funds to do so. This category also includes persons who have become disabled due to illness or age.
  • The inviter is ready to provide accommodation for one or more relatives without the support of the British government. In addition, they are willing to provide accommodation for the relative.
  • The visa applicant has no close relatives who could take care of them and provide for them, including the provision of adequate medical care.
  • The UK visa applicant shall not have an outstanding conviction.


If getting medical care is the reason for moving to England, the applicant shall submit medical certificates, which indicate that a person cannot attend to themselves or their financial situation does not allow for expensive medical procedures to be carried out, to the immigration office.

Also, those persons, who plan to stay England for a long period of time because of their deteriorating health, must prove the immigration officer that their living conditions and financial situation do not allow them to live in the country of current residence. They will need to prove that they do not have relatives who can take care of them.

Each individual UK visa case has its own nuances and subtleties. You can contact our company in order to understand all the laws in force on the territory of Great Britain, and of Europe. We provide customers with consultancy services on immigration law, as well as on the documents, which a person needs to obtain before applying for a visa.