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Many Europeans are interested in finding a job in England? The successful solution of this problem allows one to achieve the following:

  • improve one’s financial situation;
  • enable them to exchange experience with foreign colleagues;
  • see the world.


How can one find a job abroad?

If you are interested in a jobs for the Europeans in London, on order to be successfully employed you should not just find a suitable job, but also prepare the following documents:

  • a visa;
  • a Work Permit, issued for a maximum of a year. This document is needed even if you are interested in a seasonal work in England. It is issued at the British Embassy;
  • Social Security number – National Insurance Number;
  • Curriculum vitae – a document that reflects all the data of your education, work experience and so on. To put it simply – it is an analogue of the usual resume.


A job in England is provided primarily to applicants, who speak English. It is also necessary to prepare documents that identify your personality for a potential employer.

How can one determine the place of employment?

If you want a job in England, the vacancies can be found at the site of a recruiting agency. In particular, our project job-england.com.ua will provide you with this service.

The advantages of using professional help are undeniable:

  • you get a proven, relevant information;
  • the offered job vacancies correspond to your core specialization;
  • risk of encountering fraudsters is reduced to zero;
  • in addition, consulting assistance in preparing the necessary documentation is provided.


Current job vacancies

To anyone who is interested in the employment, England can offer the following options:

  1. A carpenter (Terms of employment – an 8-hour working day with hourly payment starting at 14 pounds.)
  1. A mason (Hourly earnings up to 80 pounds. Standard workweek.)
  1. Experts in fixing the plasterboard and painters (By selecting these jobs in England, you will receive an average of 12 pounds per hour or more.)
  1. An assistant carpenter (this kind of specialist receives a payment starting at 9 pounds per hour.)


All employees are awarded additional payments for overtimes.

Legal employment in the UK for 5 years and longer allows citizens of other countries to qualify for the issuance of a residence permit.

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