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Краткосрочные визы

Short Stay Visas may be needed by those who wish to visit the UK for a short period of time (up to six months). Moreover, the purpose of the trip is not a commercial one (work-related and business trips, a trip to the family living in the UK, a tour to England).

The Visitor Visa is the surest and easiest way to visit the United Kingdom. It is perfect not only for the cases mentioned above, but also for registering a marriage, scientific work, summer vacations in England, choosing the university or other educational institution.

Requirements for all types of Visitor Visas

  • A proof of the intention to stay in England for no more than six months and to leave the country when the visa expires is required from the person who files the application. In addition, the applicant must have enough money in their bank account to provide for themselves throughout their stay in the UK without resorting to the state funds.
  • This rule makes an exception for those who are interested in the UK visa for the purpose of research in the field of science, and parents of children, who are studying in British schools. For those who fall under these categories, the length of stay in the country with a Visitor Visa is one year. The exception is the students of English language courses. If the duration of the courses is from 6 months to 11 months, students obtain a visa to the UK – a Student Visitor Visa.


Before applying for a UK visa, it is necessary to clearly define the category of a visa, as well as the associated duties and rights. Even unintentional violation of the rules, mandatory for a certain type of a visa, can cause serious troubles.

A Visitor Visa to the UK can be of the following types:

  • General Visitors – a tour or a short duration trip;
  • Business Visitors – business trip;
  • Sports Visitors – visa for athletes participating in the competitions, as well as coaches and the support staff;
  • Entertainer Visitors – a UK Visitor Visa for artists and those who accompany them (assumes participation in a specific event);
  • Student Visitors – participants of courses, which last for a period of no more than six months;
  • Private Medical Treatment Visitors – persons, who are in need of treatment in English hospitals may obtain a UK visa of this category;
  • Marriage Visitor – a UK visa, which is issued for the purpose of marriage;
  • Parents of a child at school – a UK visa for the Europeans, whose children are enrolled in English schools;
  • Visitors under the UK / China Approved Destination Status (ADS) Agreement – Chinese citizens can obtain a UK visa of this category.


In order for the documents required for a visa to be in full compliance with the legislation, it is better to contact a specialized company. There you can get advice regarding the evidentiary documents and on all matters related to the filing of the application.