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Супружеские визы

A Spouse Visa in a country like Britain is needed to have the freedom to enter into marriage and stay in the territory of this country. It is not always easy for Europeans to get such document, because sometimes there is a lack of foreign law knowledge. In this situation, assistance in obtaining a visa, which is carried out by experts of our company, is needed. What the types of visas to England are there?

Types of Spouse Visas

Depending on what a person needs such a document for, there are the following types of visas:

  • This UK Fiancée Visa intends to ensure that women can freely marry in the UK without the intention to live in this country in the future.
  • It is necessary to obtain it if you plan a wedding to a citizen of England.
  • This group of immigrant visa is for people who are married and are citizens of the United Kingdom.
  • There are also visas for those who are in an unregistered (civil) marriage.


In order for a person to obtain any kind of a visa, such as the UK Spouse Visa, for example, it is necessary to assemble a complete package of documents and submit them to the immigration office. Visa processing will be delayed for an indefinite period of time without them, which is absolutely inconvenient to anybody. That is why it is recommended to turn to experienced professionals, who know all the details on how to acquire the necessary documents for traveling abroad, to accelerate the issuance of a visa.

How can marital difficulties affect the stay in England?

Unfortunately, spouses can not resolve differences peacefully in some families, so there may be elements of violence present. The spouses who were subjected to violence in the family, but who have a residence permit in the British Isles, have the right to stay in the country after a breakup with a status of a permanent resident. This right is protected by the laws of the United Kingdom.

There is a law on the protection of human rights in this country, which describes the rights and freedoms of a citizen of England, irrespective of which religious organization they belong to, what their nationality or race are. In order for a person to understand these laws and for the laws to be observed in relation to them, it is important to have someone explain it to them and help to understand how to act in a particular difficult situation. Our company, which has extensive experience in obtaining UK Spouse Visas, will help everyone to sort this out.