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Студенческие визы

Education in England is a unique opportunity for children and adults to become a specialist in demand in the best enterprises of the world, master their English perfectly and become an all-round person. English education system is second to none, and it is considered to be the most prestigious one in the world.

School and university curricula in the UK are a combination of traditional methods and innovative developments. The main emphasis in universities is on the acquisition of practical knowledge. The main objective is unlocking the potential of each student.

Our company offers a large number of high schools to get quality higher education in the UK, and private and public schools in England, so that your child canstudy in England before entering the university and experience the specifics of the English education system. If you wish to improve your knowledge of the English language, there are language courses in England. Communication with native speakers allows you not only to improve your spoken English, but also to explore the specific terminology in your field. A characteristic feature of English universities is a quick obtainment of higher education (three years are needed to obtain a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree requires one additional year of study).

Language courses “English for pupils” provide training in summer camps, where, along with studying and improving the language, children play sports and meet their peers from different countries. English for pupils in England also implies winter courses in schools of the British capital.

Education in England is the first step to obtain the British citizenship after residing in the UK for a certain period of time.

Student Visas

There are the following types of Student Visas to study in the UK (universities, private schools, short-term language courses).

The main varieties of Student Visas are:

  • Student Visitor – for the participants of courses, which last for a period of no more than six months.
  • TIER 4 Student – the most common UK Student Visa.
  • Parent of a child at school – a visa for the parents of the child, who attends an English school.
  • Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur – graduates of British universities with experience in business or interesting business ideas.


Time spent in England with a Student Visa is not included in the five-year period, after which you are entitled to permanent residence with subsequent acquisition of citizenship. An exception is made for those who have lived in England for ten years with a variety of visas. To make England a country to live in, you need a work permit or switch to a business immigration category.

Collecting documents to obtain permits is a very long and complicated process. Therefore, you can not do without the help of immigration experts. The job of specialized companies is to help the client understand all the intricacies of legislation and make their stay in the UK legal.