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Who has the right to reside in the United Kingdom? EU citizens may get such a permit, i.e. any citizen of the European Economic Area, subject to a number of treaty rights. It comes to work and study, in particular. Alternatively, you can get health insurance and a status of an economically independent citizen.

How is it possible to fulfill your treaty rights?

  1. Through working in the UK

Successful search for a job and residence in the United Kingdom are available to citizens of different countries, with the exception of a number of representatives of Croatia.

Even once you lose the position, which you have occupied for a year, you can be registered as an unemployed and actively look for a new position for at least six months. By way of fulfilling these conditions, you will not experience difficulties with the extension of the permanent residence permit. If you lose the position due to illness or other valid reasons, fulfillment of treaty rights is considered to be continuous.

  1. Through setting up as a Sole Trader

It is necessary to register with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Timely repayment of all the necessary charges is a guarantee of the successful fulfillment of treaty rights.

  1. Through obtaining education

Each student must have a confirmation of enrollment, the presence of personal capital and a personal health insurance.

  1. Through enjoying the rights of economically independent citizens

Presence of personal money reserve exceeding the statutory average income in the UK and a private health insurance – these are the main features of these citizens.


Implementation of derivative rights of residence in the UK

Starting from 16.07.2012, even non-EEA citizens can reside in the UK if they are guardians of students or children residing in the territory of the EEA.

Residency in exchange for Certificates of Registration!

The EEA nationals, who fulfill the treaty rights mentioned above, should receive this document, the validity of which is 5 years. The application of a standard form shall be accompanied by the following documents:

  • a passport;
  • documents confirming the kinship with the EEA nationals;
  • a certificate on the fulfillment of treaty rights.


Is it possible to obtain a permanent residence permit?

Having resided in the UK for 5 years and more, EEA nationals can obtain a residence permit. If other family members have been with them throughout this period, this right extends to them automatically. They are also issued a 5-year residence card.

All family members, financially dependent on the EEA national, but who reside outside the UK can submit a separate application, focusing on the criteria considered in Family Permit. After approval, they will be able to reside in the UK for about 6 months.

When the EEA national stops to fulfill the treaty rights, their family also loses the right to reside in the UK with the following exceptions:

  • the death of the principal applicant, whose family has lived in the UK for 13 months or more;
  • divorce from resident of any of the EEA countries (in some cases).


The qualified immigration attorneys of the Work in UK project will help you understand the intricacies of laws on residency in the UK. Their responsibilities include the following tasks:

  • consultations regarding the nuances of the procedure for obtaining a registration certificate, and so on;
  • preparation of all kinds of documents, required for nationals of the EEA countries.