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Immigration rules have an article, which clearly indicates the impossibility of issuing an entry visa to a person, who has a bad immigration history. This rule is usually performed flawlessly, so that the applicant is issued a denial of an entry visa to the UK. The period of the ban depends on the reasons on which it was imposed.

Whom is a visa ban not imposed upon?

  • The ban does not apply to the citizens who are spouses, as well as those who are in relationship with British citizens or permanent residents of the UK.
  • Fiancées, fiancés and same-sex partners can be issued visas freely.
  • The ban does not apply to a minor citizens who have not reached the age of 18 at the time of the breach.
  • If a person was in the country with a visa that expired less than 28 days ago and left the country using his personal finances, the sanctions on the issuance of a new entry documents would not apply to them.


Bans. Terms

  • The ban for a period of 1 year is imposed on citizens whose visa expired more than 28 days ago, as well as those who entered illegally or violate the conditions of stay in the UK, but have made a voluntary exit from the country at their own expense.
  • The ban for a period of 5 years is imposed on illegal immigrants or violators of the conditions of residence, who have resided in the country (for any period of time), who voluntarily left the country at the expense of public funds.
  • The ban for a period of 2 years is imposed on citizens who left the country voluntarily at the expense of public funds in the period (6 months), set by the provision on the departure from the country.
  • The ban for a period of 10 years (the longest one) is imposed on those, who provided false documents and information in order to obtain an entry visa, while being aware of their invalidity, or violated the conditions of residence, and were deported from the country.


The abovementioned violations are considered to be compelling reasons that entail an unequivocal denial of the UK entry visa.

There is a list of violations that the visa officer can look into independently and decide on the possibility of issuing a new visa. This list concerns violations, which the applicant had committed while staying in the country on a visa issued earlier. These include receiving benefits or being employed illegally, as well as education not stipulated by the visa, public health programs.

Submitting false identity documents and a sham marriage can aggravate the possibility of getting a new visa.

How can one get a new visa?

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