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Визы для детей

For those who are not citizens of the United Kingdom, but want to come to this country together with relatives, who have a documented residence permit, it is possible to obtain special visas for dependent persons. These dependents may be the following:

  • Children under the age of majority (18 years).
  • Spouses or those who are in an unregistered marriage (partners).
  • Persons who are in a same-sex marriage.


Visas for minor children

A UK Child Visas may be of the following types:

  • For children, whose relatives have a residence permit in the British Isles.
  • For children, whose relatives have a limited period of residence in England.
  • For children, whose parents are citizens of the EEA, and exercise their treaty rights in the country for the period of visa processing.


Each Child Visa has its own requirements for the collection and presentation of certain documents. For example, to open a visa to the child, whose parents or relatives have a residence permit, the following requirements should be met:

  • The one who funds the UK visa for a child must be a resident of the country or be in the process of applying for residency with their child at the time of visa application. A visa may be issued to children in case only one of the parents has a permanent residency in the country.
  • A visa may be issued to a child under eighteen, which is before the age of majority. At the same time a child shall not be married or officially adopted by another family. A child shall not live an independently or be financially independent.
  • A person, who wants to be reunited with a child and has a kinship with them, can provide accommodation and material support without direct assistance of government agencies.


If the parents, who reside in England, have a limited period of residence in the country, they can also invite their children to live with them by way of obtaining a visa. In this case, a child is issued a visa, if they had not yet turned eighteen. The length of stay in the country is determined by the length of their parents’ or relatives’ visa.

There are cases, when a child becomes an adult before their period of residence in England expires. Then they are not sent out of the country, and remain in the status of a dependent. They can submit an application to be given a permanent or temporary residence in the country with their parents to the immigration office.

Visa for children of EEA citizens

If a child is in kinship with a citizen of the European Economic Area, they can gather documents for a UK visa and submit them to the immigration office for processing. In this case, a child is eligible to be issued a visa until they turn 21. At this age a person can be issued a visa to live in England together with their parents or close relatives.

The requirements for those who want to get EEA Child Visa are similar to requirements for getting previous types of visas. Such persons shall not live independently or be financially independent from adults. Also, these persons shall not live with another family as its officially registered member. In addition, the person shall not be married or provide for their own children.

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