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Welcome to the online portal Work in UK, where you will find answers to all questions related to obtaining UK visas for Europeans!

The idea of creating an online resource where every reader can find a job in the UK or receive practical assistance in obtaining a visa did not arise by accident. This is what prompted us to create a unique online resource, where its users could find a job in England in addition to getting a legal assistance in obtaining a visa.

At the website Work in UK you will find out the following:

  • How to get a UK visa;
  • What the necessary documents for obtaining a UK visa, or for business immigration are;
  • What a work visa is;
  • How to get a student visa;
  • How to obtain a spouse visa;
  • What a child visa is;
  • Who can be granted asylum in England;
  • Whom and what a visa ban can be imposed on;
  • Where to rent and buy a house in England and more.


But the main purpose of our site is to help Europeans find a job in the UK!

The most sought-after jobs in England are considered to be blue-collar ones. They include carpenters, masons, painters, builders, non-manual and so on. Highly valued are the experts in seasonal work such as fruit and vegetable pickers, seasonal construction workers and others.

These experts earn between 200 and 300 pounds a week. That is considered to be the average salary by the standards of the United Kingdom.

How can you get a job placement in England?

The easiest and most effective way is to get a work permit. This permit comes in the form of an invitation to work in the UK from the employer. It is worth mentioning that the employer will have to prove that the invitation is genuine, and the selected candidate is the most suitable for the job. It is not as easy as it seems to prove it, so certain certificates or work achievements of the candidate for the job will be a definite plus. However, having received such an invitation, you have a probability of 99% to obtain a UK visa in Europe and get the job.

Another popular way to go to the UK to work is to open a student visa. In this case, you will not only be able to find a job in the UK, but you can also obtain vocational education. A disadvantage of such a visa is that education in the UK is quite expensive and costs no less than 10-12 thousand pounds a year.

The third way is to find a job on your own. You can look for a job on special websites or specialized organizations, such as our online portal Work in UK. Independent job search will allow you to obtain the UK work visa.

You can view a list of current vacancies on our website in the section “Job opportunities“. Additionally, you can post an online application form in which you can write your question. Our managers will contact you within the next couple of hours, and will provide you with legal assistance.

It is quite easy to obtain a UK visa now; the most important thing is to consult high-level experts. The company Work in UK has been working in this field for over 5 years and during this time we have helped hundreds of Europeans to get a high-paying job in England. If you dream of working in the UK, too, do not hesitate – write or contact us using the information listed in the section “Contacts“.

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